Two key factors distinguish our exceptional Chilli Oil: the chef and the ingredients.

The Chef: Co-founder Adi, our own "Walter White," possesses an incredible foodie palette. He experimented with over 60 edible oils and chilli combinations to create The Original.

The Ingredients: Banhoek Chilli Oil is comprised of premium ingredients. Our non-GMO canola (rapeseed) oil is sourced from the Overberg area in South Africa's Western Cape, known for its ideal agricultural climate. The Banhoek valley, part of the Stellenbosch Winelands, produces our locally grown chillies. Its temperate, Mediterranean climate and unique Fynbos nurtured soils (known for producing world renowned wines) contribute to the unmatched flavour of Banhoek Chilli Oil.

No! Chilli sauce (with all the maker’s secret ingredients) is designed to enhance the flavours of your dish. Chilli oil is designed to keep your dish’s flavours but compliment with a bit of heat.

Non-GMO canola (rapeseed) oil infused with dried chillies.

Yes! Please refer to our Product Information page.

Canola oil is neutral-tasting and complements the pure flavour of our chillies, delivering the perfect bite of flavour. Olive oil, on the other hand, has a strong olive taste that clashes with the pure taste of our chillies.

Absolutely!! In fact, all canola crops grown in South Africa are GMO-free as regulated by the Department of Genetic Resources.

A chilli sauce is designed to alter the taste of your dish with each maker having their own secret recipe of ingredients. In contrast, chilli oil is designed to let the flavour of your dish shine through while adding some heat.

Yes, canola oil is the healthier choice, with only 7% saturated fat (compared to Sunflower's 12% and Olive's 15%). Our canola oil is naturally cholesterol-free, endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation SA, and is the only cooking oil in South Africa to carry the CANSA Smart Choice Seal, due to its omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 2:1.

Yes, chillies contain a compound called capsaicin that speeds up the body's metabolism, directly burning calories. They are also a rich source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system and prevents chronic illnesses, and contain potent antioxidants that help unblock arteries and blood vessels.

In South Africa, our canola is cultivated in the Western Cape’s Overberg region, and the local crops are all grown from non-GMO seeds. After blossoming into fields of gold, the flowers drop off, leaving seed pods behind. Canola oil is naturally cholesterol-free, making it the healthiest option among cooking oils.

We cultivate some of our chillies on-site, but due to the size not meeting our needs, we collaborate with a local Banhoek Valley community project involving one of the local farmers for chilli cultivation. Banhoek is situated in the Stellenbosch wine region near Cape Town.

Absolutely! Almost all our staff members are from the local community and can walk to work. This is vital as transportation is expensive and unreliable in South Africa due to public transport mismanagement. Additionally, our chillies are grown by a local community project that provides employment in a country in need of jobs.

At Banhoek Chilli Oil, we add spice with sustainability! Each batch is handcrafted from locally sourced ingredients, making our chilli oil a fusion of flavour and eco-consciousness. We use sun-dried chillies that are hand-crushed and paired with golden, GMO-free canola (rapeseed) oil from the Overberg.

Just as we proudly support local businesses, we are equally passionate about our planet. We minimise waste, embrace green energy, and recycle on-site to reduce our environmental impact. Crafting with conscience, we deliver a much-loved chilli oil while showing our planet much-needed love.

Banhoek Chilli Oil can serve as a condiment or cooking oil. Classic uses include drizzling it over pizza or any dish, marinating meat, frying prawns (shrimp), or adding a flavourful touch to your desserts.

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Banhoek Chilli Oil's headquarters are based in the United Kingdom. The factory is situated in the Banhoek Valley within the Stellenbosch Winelands, near Cape Town, South Africa.



Grab it and bag it! Whether it’s a gift for someone or for your own table, give dishes the flavour they deserve with our original chilli oil.

The Original Chilli Oil