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The Kitchen’s “Turkish Breakfast”

This Turkish Breakfast is one of our most popular breakfasts at The Kitchen.  Of course, not everyone has falafel and hummus on hand or grilled aubergine, I know!  Having all the ingredients to hand does make for a properly indulgent experience. (You’ll need to come and visit us!) But you could do well to do the poached eggs atop the creamy yoghurt with generous amounts of za’tar butter…. The real show-off here is the chilli oil.  It plays just perfectly with the yoghurt.


4 Falafel patties

3 T Hummus

4 T Gypsy Salad or a similar tomato salad (without the yoghurt dressing, dressed with olive oil and squeeze of lemon juice instead)

2 slices of Danish Feta (optional)

4 slices Grilled Aubergine

6 T Labneh or 6 T very thick Greek Yoghurt at room temperature

4 Poached Eggs

4 T butter, 2 tsp Za’tar melted together to make Za’tar flavoured butter

2 tsp Banhoek Chilli Oil to taste

Maldon Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Make a “puddle” of labneh (or very thick creamy yoghurt) on two plates in readiness for the poached eggs (a yoghurt “nest” for the freshly poached egg)

Divide the hummus between two plates and top with the falafel.

Lay 2 T of the tomato salad alongside the hummus and falafel on each plate.

Add 2 slices of grilled aubergine beside the salad on each plate. Lay the Danish Feta beside the grilled aubergine (if using).

Lay two poached eggs on each plate atop the waiting puddle of labneh or Greek yoghurt.

Pour the melted Za’tar butter over the eggs. 

Drizzle with the Chili Oil.

Season with the Maldon salt and black pepper.

Serve with crisp, thinly sliced toast of your choosing.


Karen Dudley (born 1968) is a South African cheffood writer and restaurateur best known for her restaurant, The Kitchen in WoodstockCape Town, which was visited by former First Lady Michelle Obama in June 2011.

Karen has appeared on CNN and TEDx and has been interviewed by New York Times and The Guardian. She has been a guest judge on the reality cooking show My Kitchen Rules South Africa and is often interviewed on national TV.

If you loved this Turkish Breakfast recipe, better get yourself some Banhoek Chilli Oil!