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4 Ways to use Banhoek Chilli Oil

For many people, the Banhoek Chilli Oil (BCO) love affair starts when they drizzle it on their favourite pizza. But it’s as delicious as it is versatile, meaning you can add it to any dish – from savoury to sweet and anything in between. The only limit is your culinary imagination!

It’s up to you how you use BCO, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

DRIZZLE: A versatile condiment for every occasion  

BCO is as comfortable drizzled on a pizza as it is on oysters. It has a remarkable ability to enhance the flavour of any dish – without burning your tongue or overpowering the dish. Elevate your plating and enjoyment of your meal by delicately drizzling this rose-hued chili oil over a poached egg breakfast, a light sashimi lunch, a hearty truffle pasta and more! Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or follow Halaal or Kosher diets, BCO will be the subtle star of the show.

MARINADE: Adding layers of flavour

Add a depth of flavour to meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables by letting them soak up a BCO marinade. Oils are the perfect base for marinades, so all that’s left is to add in your favourite spices and aromatics, such as fresh herbs, citrus zest, garlic and soy sauce. Coat your meat or vegetables generously before roasting or grilling and marinate for at least three hours or preferably overnight to soak up the spicy goodness. The marinade will result in a dish that’s both tender and tantalising, while BCO pairs with the smokiness of the grill to impart a rich and complete flavour.

COOK: Infusing dishes with depth and complexity

The cooking uses of BCO are endless. Add a splash to your pan before you stir-fry your choice of protein or veggies, let it add a subtle heat note to a simmering pot of vegetable stew or a rich chicken noodle soup, toss it with quick-blanched veggies to add a burst of flavour, douse your prawns in BCO before frying them or even add them to your nana’s famous chocolate brownie recipe. The spicy complexity of BCO will infuse your ingredients with irresistible flavour, adding an unexpected layer of complexity and transforming a simple dish into a flavour-packed masterpiece.

SAUCE: The heartbeat of flavour

A sauce can turn any dish into a memorable one. Elevate sauces, dips and dressings with a dash of BCO and create a versatile symphony of flavours. Blend it into vinaigrettes to add a delightful heat to your salads, splash it into simmering pasta sauces to create a new flavour profile, and combine it with a dipping sauce that complements everything from crusty bread to succulent dumplings.

Whether you’re creating a Sunday family dinner, impressing your guests or cooking for one, let BCO be your culinary companion. With its consistent heat and high versatility, it opens up a delightful world of possibilities in the kitchen. Drizzle, marinate, cook or use it as a sauce – and elevate the simplest dish with the perfect bite of flavour.